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On a journey of true discovery, your sailboat needs a few things:

1. Map
2. Compass
3. Sails
4. Rudder
5. Anchor

Map is the overview of existence, your… Read More

The key to life is balance,
The key to balance is order,
The key to order is discipline,
The key to discipline is learning,
The key to learning is wanting to know, 
Read More

Is the one who has:

A body of energy,

A mind of peace,

A heart of fire,

A vanished self.

Such a person is infinity,

Pure compassion.

At the ocean, be 100% joy,

At games, 100% playing,

At school, 100% learning,… Read More

If you rise, the light makes you more beautiful,


And, you get to see yourself! (as the ocean of existence)Read More

The body is a collection of around 15 trillion cells, yet you are 1 consciousness.


We are about eight billion humans and… Read More

Motivation can come from:


1)    Hardship, pain, suffering and fear
2)    Desires, greed, or the need to prove oneself, as a reaction to something or someone
3)    An… Read More

If you feel like something is missing from your life, it is!

Read More

Without justice, society falls apart as perpetrators would get away with committing crimes.
Read More

The human being is the only known species able to present something remarkable: it is within our capacity to be both relative and absolute.Read More

In the presence of fire (Zoroaster),
The presence under the tree (Buddha),
Presence on the mountain (Moses),
Presence by the river (… Read More

Decide, Design and Develop


Decide if the… Read More

There is an energy that transforms:
Noise, to silence, (noise of thoughts)
Matter,… Read More

It is often the case that time is viewed as a destructive force.
How it defaces beauty, ruins the figure, breaks… Read More

The word discipline comes from disciple, meaning to learn. At first, information is grasped about what is humanly possible, followed by true learning via practice. As implementation of the GS… Read More

As existence is infinite, it must by definition be able to present the finite state as well (or it could be considered limited).
So, here are the reasons why the self is formed and then it… Read More

To be in a state of reception, where there is no movement of thought yet all information is available to be utilized by the creative force is the way of inspiration.Read More

There are three aspects to seeing the world:

The first is physical, where the eye is merely engaged in an optical exercise. This is similar to a video camera recording events.

 … Read More

In life, most important development projects require some prerequisite knowledge and training so that successful results can be achieved. Yet, when it comes to parenting it seems… Read More

Infinity is the nature of Nature. It is the quality in all quantities. It brings forth beauty without reason. There are no limits to its creativity.

Read More

At the beach, there are no signs of social class differences. We are all stripped of most clothes and belongings.

Barefoot, we are… Read More

Seagulls on the beach spend time cleaning their feathers for airworthiness. We too, should clear our minds of residue in order to fly.… Read More

In order for thought to be a useful tool, correct and relevant information must be available.


Thought can then solve… Read More

Just as a finely tuned watch can present the current time, a finely tuned human being can present the Now!


The Now is all-capable, timeless and infinite.


In… Read More

There was a king (or queen) who forgot who he was.
He walked around, not knowing where he is or where he was going.
Someone came by and handed him a broom, saying sweep the grounds.… Read More

When I was growing up, there was no map to provide an overview of life. There were no coordinates, markers or sense of purpose.

It… Read More

Breathe, if you want happiness,

Breathe, if you want to know love,

Breathe, not as… Read More

Surfing is a sport of balance and harmony with respect to a number of natural forces.

Gravity, Buoyancy, Centripetal and Centrifugal forces are all present when someone is catching a wave… Read More


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